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"The more harmony there is between the two, the
more balance, the more active the brain cells are."

Truth is an eternal movement which purify your mind and revolutionize your body. NTM Wellness is on the path to the Wisdom which enables one to help, the Will which directs the Wisdom and the Love which inspires the Will.


​NTM Wellness promotes body and mind harmony by enhancing one's sense of self. We offer body massage, touch therapy and informational healing services.

Enquiry at Mobile no. 9139 1509 or Email to:

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Wellness endears you to others

A Blessed Gift! Add silver ion solution to your first line of defense. It is scientifically proven to remove germs, clean wound, stop bleeding and prevent further contamination. Colorless and odorless, the NTM Silver Ion spray is safe for eyes, nose and throat. To use, just spray lightly onto your face, body, hands and feet. Always carry a bottle of NTM Silver Ion spray to sanitize yourself, protect your family and treat your beloved house pets. To purchase, please contact 9139 1509.

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Wholesome enrich you and others

You are born of father and mother, and receive the breath of life to become one of a kind. In your heart, there exists a silent pulse of perfect rhythm that harmonizes your body of 27,000 billion cells and 144,000 functions. This innate wisdom is always helping you and connecting you to others. Your body is home to amazing cells, tissues, organs and systems; and they work together to energize, protect and renew your life. Through body work, touch healing and self study, you can solve the puzzles and rediscover new constructive ways of living. For healing treatment and self-care tips sharing, please contact 9139 1509.

Care your Body

Caring Child

Quietly listen to the screaming noise or the deafening silence from inside you and your environment. You understand the reason of disharmony, and apply solution to bring positive wellness. Everyday you practice a little body balancing and letting go of some old stuff. "Be the Smile, because nothing else matters".  Know that you can do it.

Care your Mind

Beautiful Smile

The world is traveling at a rapid rate and the rate changes every time there appears a different number in the year, month, day and hour. You are also traveling but at a rate that belongs to you individually. In the realms of love, will and wisdom, you find Myself, other-self, work and home, and unite as one complete living being. "All learning is the study of relationships". Know that you are it.

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Body massage w/wo oil

(relax tension for head & body, neck & shoulder, hands & feet)

Touch-of-healing using the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu (before & after medical care, general fatigue)

Informational & Energetic evaluation using CoRe and AcuGraph systems.

For enquiry and appointment, please contact no. 9139 1509

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